Heroes And Coffee’s Winter Solstice 2016 Special (Parts I and II)!

Part. I

Da Nerdette and Kyle Da Marvel Zombie celebrate their 1st Annual Winter Solstice episode with talks the news regarding Carrie Fisher’s health, Max Landis’s BIG FUCK UP, DCEU + Marvel News, 2017 Announcements from the crew of Heroes and Coffee podcast.


Part. II

On Part. II of H&C’s Winter Solstice Special, Phoenix Da Nerdette and Kyle The Marvel Zombie discuss Christmas Movies, which of 2016 Comic-Book Movies will be lucky enough to get any nominations from the 2017 Academy Awards, their most anticipated movies of 2017, and what they are both looking forward to (and not looking forward to) in the next coming year.



Legion: The Podcast

Brian, Will and Jimmy breakdown Chapter 4.

This week, Oliver Bird takes us into this episode with a discussion of empathy & fear, Syd & Ptonomy try to make sense of David’s memories and things are not always what they seem with Lenny.

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In this episode Brian, Jimmy and Will breakdown Chapter 3 of the hit new FX show Legion.

“A threat looms as David searches for answers”

We dive deeper into the world of Legion as we explore what is triggering these powers that David has, what’s the connection with Halloween night and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes being a part of David’s life and can Melanie Bird be trusted?  Chapter 3 took the shows horror aspect to another level.  Join us for this action packed episode.

Be sure to check out our other podcasts!  The Ninja Starship with Jimmy McKnight * Pop Culture Leftovers * Talking Taboo FX * Sweetwater Saloon – A Westworld Podcast * American Gods Aftershow


Welcome back to Legion: The Podcast where we breakdown Chapter 2. In this episode Brian and Will are joined by Jake from Pop Culture Leftovers and Wrestling Jabronis Podcast to discuss more theories when it comes to what’s going on in the series, Chapter 2 gives us answers but also asks more questions from the series. Join us as we dissect legion.

Chapter 2. At the end of the first episode of Legion, David Haller entered a whole new world. He was rescued by Sydney, with help of mutants Ptonomy, Kerry and their leader, psychiatrist Melanie Bird. … In this episode he begins training to learn to control his powers to learn to control his powers and use them at will.


01-01: Chapter 1

Legion premieres on FX ! Join Brian, Will and Jimmy as they attempt to review & recap Chapter 1, then explore all possible (and impossible) theories.

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Welcome to Legion: The Podcast ! The weekly re-cap show for FX network’s new show Legion beginning on Febuary 8th 2017. In this Zero episode we are introduced to our hosts Brian, Jimmy and Will ! Hear about the cast, synopsis of the show and 3 guys try to review and predict a show that hasn’t even aired yet.


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The Ninja StarShip Episode 76 – Rogue One Review


This week, Jimmy and The Crew are joined by Dave The Geek from the IT in the D Podcast and The Jedi Ras from An Elegant Weapon Podcast to review, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story ! Starring: Felicity Jones , Diego Luna, Mads Mikkelson, Donnie Yen, Forrest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Tudyk and James Earl Jones as Darth Vader.



Drunk on Comics Podcast 235: Bro-down before the Hoe-down

Derek and Tony hold down the fort right before the holiday weekend, and they get into a bit of the holiday spirit with a few of their books they reviewed this week.   They also go all across the board with a little bit of everything this week from all aspects of the comic industry.

The guys had some fun talking about about some serious stuff about the animosity against certain comic creators, and others who have taken up the backlash to raise funds to stop online bullying.  Tony spoke a bit about what is going on in the books of Marvel, and Derek explained why his life is shitty, literally.

Booze and a Book was X-men vs Inhumans #1 paired with a Strohs for certain reasons


Speech Bubble – Leon Emmet

Speech Bubble  welcomes it’s founding sponsor and owner of Hairy Tarantula , Leon Emmett. We discuss the history of the shop, how Leon keeps one foot in and one foot out of modern society and what the future holds for him when the original location of his comic shop closes at the end of December 2016.



The Dragon Fister Episode 251: New Gear

This Episode:  The group cleans up some mutant goblins, and stumbles across something even more disgusting than a penis in the eye. Oh, and they find a penis in an eye.

Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave (Ro’Dash), Al (Harman), Gabby (Shai), & Jesse (Game Master)

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P.O.I Returns to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!

We’re very proud to announce that Points of Interest will  be returning for it’s third year as floor MC’s and panel moderators for the Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017! The OFFICIAL podcast network of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!
Network hosts Jason Clark (An Elegant Weapon), Josh Hawkes (Back When We Were Interesting), and Jimmy McKnight (The Ninja Starship) return for 2017!
This year we’re also bringing The Other Guy, Francis Fernandez (Back When We Were Interesting, A Critical Moment of Awesome)!






Part One of a special crosspod event with Derek Becker’s Comic Pros and Cons podcast featuring a conversation with artist David Bishop and writer Kevin Joseph discussing their upcoming project, Morte. Part two of this chat can be found at comicprosandcons.com. Make pod.