Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 2 – Chocolate Buttholes (With Guest Co-Host – Toni aka The Major)

As we continue our firsts for this podcast, Dave the Drummer is unfortunately not with us this episode, but will return next week. Instead, Francis aka the Other Guy, invites a guest onto the show to pick up the reins. From the FanDrunk Podcast, we have Toni, aka the Major.

But just because there’s a guest co-host doesn’t mean we step away from the shenanigans as we talk about all sorts of nonsense like flirting with women and the sappy love songs of the 90s to today. Then it’s onto expensive dirty jeans to jeans with a butt zipper, make up applied with balls, Aurora’s sibling, the Loch Ness and so much more. Take it to the face on this week’s Sincere Sarcasm.

Links to Toni aka The Major’s FanDrunk podcast! where you can find all the links to her and her cohost, as well as their network: 82bit Studios.

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The Ninja Starship with Jimmy McKnight Episode 90

This week Jimmy and The Crew get back to business ! Will Power Rangers get a sequal ? Godzilla: King of the Monsters gets a new “working title”, Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer reaction and special guest Ari Boyland from Power Rangers RPM !

Ari Boyland interview recorded with permission by Sapphire Management


Drunk on Comics Podcast 254: Marvel Generations Legacy: The Afterbirth

Linz, Tony, Josh, and Connor (kinda) got together in the studio this week to talk about some great comics and tasty news tidbits. Tony started the podcast by sharing the fun he had at Founder’s Black Party (you guy, living in Grand Rapids is literally the best) but the subject quickly moved to what brings us together every week, great comics.


Welcome to the POI Podcast Family! No Ordinary Nerd!

Hello Everyone, Francis aka The Other Guy here, happy to make an announcement. I’ve been getting to know a group of podcasters that feel like the perfect fit for our network, called No Ordinary Nerd. Here’s a little bit of what they’re about:

No Ordinary Nerd is a show about branching out in geek culture and trying new things. Our hosts challenge each other each week to try different things in nerd culture and discuss the content. Each one of our Co – Hosts has been affected by anxiety, depression, and personal traumas. This is our way of reaching out to find connections that help us learn together, grow together and heal together. Try alongside them and you too can become a No Ordinary Nerd!

Check them out today at:

Points Of Interest LIVE from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 featuring The Real Peter Griffin

The Ninja StarShip, Back When We Were Interesting, An Elegant Weapon and Two J’s Later come together at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 and run into the real Peter Griffin.


Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 1 – Different Name, Same BS

This is the official first episode of Sincere Sarcasm, a new podcast, that’s kind of the same. Dave the Drummer & Francis the Other Guy get their feet wet as they dive into a new format, with some added twists, like talking about adult hood, the odd stories of the week, from robots shooting guns, to turkeys getting people fired. It’s all that, with Tommy’s Taint on Gibberish, on this week’s Sincere Sarcasm

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Denver Comic Con Approaches

We’re just over 10 weeks away from the 6th Annual Denver ComicCon!  The Colorado Convention Center is once again hosting the event that 100,000 plus people will attend.  June 30 – July 2, Geek, Nerds, Cosplay and Gaming take over the Convention Center for a weekend of awesomeness.

The Guests that have us excited, run the gambit from Pop Culture and Music Icons, to Artist – This year’s list is immense, but here are a new that we’re most excited about.

Weird Al!! – From ‘Eat It’ to ‘Tacky’, Weird Al has been entertaining our ear holes since the early 80’s, and isn’t stopping anytime soon.  This is purely speculation, but could a concert happen?! How awesome would that be?!



Its a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Reunion! Juliet Landau, Eliza Dushku and James Marsters (technically Felicia Day too) were all on ‘Buffy’ back in the day.  This series is among many people’s favorites, and ours too!  This should be a fun reunion.





Wallace Shawn is coming to DCC?! NCONCEIVABLE!!  Really, thats – Inconveivable!

















Voice Actors!  We’re really happy to see that more Voice Actors are getting the spotlight.  Here are a few we’re excited about –

From Aqua Teen Hunger Force, DBZ, American Dad, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Futurama, Samurai Jack and of course, The Dark Knight, BATMAN will be in the house!








These are just some of who we’re interested in for this year’s DCC.  Check back in a few days for another bunch of Guests we’re excited about and what our plans for the weekend might be.

Remember to get your tickets while you still can!  This Convention does sell out year after year, so don’t hesitate! Get your tickets HERE