CON-ventional Wisdom Ep. 12 – Savanna of Speak G33k 2 Me

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Huge podcast this time around with guest Savanna from Speak G33k 2 Me in the third chair. She gives us her take of Star Wars Celebration, from the panels, the lines, and the cosplay. What was amazing about the show? Everything! What could she do without? Lines!

Then Josh Hawkes & Francis aka The Other Guy talk about their own conventions. Francis attended Wondercon and met up with Points of Interest Podcast’s new show, No Ordinary Nerd.

Josh & Francis got to attend the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, where POI took over. From moderating to interviews to show prep and set up, the crew found themselves involved behind the scenes and in front of the mics. It was an experience that would be in their hearts for a long time.

Josh took time to go to Starfest in Colorado, where he had a good time mingling with the people in the industry. From acknowledgement of our growing podcast network to moderating an artist panel, Josh makes the most of his time at one of the more popular cons in the Rocky Mountain State.

And as always we cover the latest in what’s going on in the pop culture, comic book, and anime convention world, with a look at the calendar for the month of May.

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