The Dragon Fisters Episode 255: Someone Old, Someone New

This Episode: While the group deals with the aftermath of the last inhabitants of the mine, Rusk deals with the inhabitants of his mind.

Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave (Ro’Dash), Al (Harman), Gabby (Shai), & Jesse (Game Master)

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Drunk on Comics Podcast 259: How’s Bragging Camp

It’s Motor City Comic Con weekend, and that means we have plenty of people to talk to.   In this weeks episode, Linz and Tony are joined by Pat Kawula of Digital Nerdage podcast and Jay Clark of An Elegant Weapon podcast.

The group talked about many different points in the sphere of nerdiness.   Linz wanted to get right into things with the casting of Tom Hardy in the new Venom movie.  Tony was excited to get to talk about the new Netflix Dark Crystal prequel.  Jay got on a long Star Wars tangent with Pat.  Everyone was surprised to hear The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is reprising his role in what James Cameron hopes to be a new conclusion to his story in the Terminator franchise.

Booze and a Book is the amazing book by friend of the show Stan Konopka, titled The Rejected paired with a Dr. Pepper Shot.

We have plenty more from Motor City Comic Con coming in the next few weeks.  So stay tuned from some awesome creators from the Con floor




Thus begins The Weapon’s coverage of Motor City Comic Con 2017! In this part one, The Jedi Ras is joined by Drunk On Comics host Tony McKay for a chat with the headmaster of Source Point Press Publishing, Travis McIntire and artist Rob Hogan, followed by a talk with Stan Konopka, the writer of SPP’s latest hit, The Rejected.


CON-ventional Wisdom Ep. 13 – The Convention Experience

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We’re back to talk conventions on an all new CON-ventional Wisdom. Josh Hawkes, and Francis, aka The Other Guy get busy discussing the convention experience itself, as they are on a bit of a dry spell the past month when it comes to conventions, but we hope to have some fun guests for you soon.

From there it’s all about FanimeCON in San Jose, where Francis will be joining No Ordinary Nerd for a pane all about Using Nerd Culture to Escape. So if you happen to be at this convention, look out for that panel on Monday at 1pm at Panels 4.

We tease about Denver Comic Con and Motor City Comic Con, where we had some of the POI crew there to represent the network at that show.

So conventions all around, but we need to get back into the game, on this episode of ConWiz.

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No Ordinary Nerd – No Ordinary S-Town

The S-Town podcast is certainly no ordinary town with no ordinary characters. Who better to cover this than the No Ordinary Nerds! Brought to you by the infamous Serial and This American Life Brian Reed and team brings a podcast that grabs you from the very beginning. Murder, suicide and the south this podcast has a lot and we are covering it all.

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Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 4 – The Science of Nonsense

It’s the fourth episode of Sincere Sarcasm, and it’s all about the science, as Dave the Drummer & Francis aka The Other Guy talk about Bill Nye the Science Guy, and how people are taking the new show. From there it’s all about the return of old geek TV, the most expensive boomerang, pineapple art, gluten free meth, breast grabbing reporters, drunken stool sitting, and so much more. We love that you listen, and we hope you help us share the Sincere Sarcasm podcast to the world & beyond!

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No Ordinary Nerd – Wondercon

The Nerds took their first trip to a major convention…WONDERCON. Join them as they discuss the goods and bads of convention going, the joys of emptying their wallets for comic goods and the wonders (pun intended) of seeing cosplay.

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