Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 3 – Not Enough Enraged People

Sincere Sarcasm comes back with Dave the Drummer, and of course, Francis aka The Other Guy is in there somewhere. It’s an episode of accomplishment, as Dave finds some fun work, almost gets hurt, triggering Francis to talk about his time breaking his own arm as a kid. But then it’s onto some strange stories from around the world, from blasphemy, dildos, Ukraine, Steven Seagal, beer, pee, death, and so much more. It’s back to the nonsense you love from these two dorks, on this week’s Sincere Sarcasm dot net.

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No Ordinary Nerd – 13 Reasons Why

It’s the show that countless people are talking about. Suicide, drugs, and rape are just a few of the hard hitting topics that 13 Reasons Why tackles and the No Ordinary Nerd crew is ready to discuss them. Join them with their special guest Jake as we bring light to these issues and discuss the series, some fun facts and it’s importance to society.

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This week’s guest is writer Stan Konopka. We discuss his new graphic novel The Rejected coming soon from Source Point Press and premiering at Motor City Comic Con and his role as the comics coordinator for The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.


The Ninja Starship with Jimmy McKnight Episode 91 – Christopher Khayman Lee

This week Jimmy and the crew are joined via Skype by Power Ranger Christopher Khayman Lee Fanpage ( best known as Andros from Power Rangers in Space ) and Rando Calrissian fromWest Coast Comics ! #Comics, #PowerRangersand call in’s from you,The Listener !