Drunk on Comics Podcast 266: Zordon’s Interruption

Linz, Tony, and Josh spent a large amount of time this week looking up video games this week because of E3.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a large convention for the video game industry to show off their new hardware and games that will be coming out in the next couple months, or in some cases next couple years.   Tony loves this time of year because it allows him to talk about more than just comic books in at least one episode a year.

Linz reviewed Regression #1 from Image.   It is a story about a hypnotist.  But not just about a hypnotist, but one that may have ties to a demon.   The book was a tad bit on the gory side for Linz’s taste.   And although she thought she saw where the book was going, the last page left her with questions.

Booze and a Book was Tekken #2 paired with a Street Fighter Hadouken shot.  To make one, pour 1/2 shot of Blue Curacao, 1/2 shot of Blueberry Vodka and a splash of Everclear and light it on fire.


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