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Points Of Interest Podcast….Podcast S2E2

This week, we invite our Con Mom and former Co-Host of Back When We Were Interesting, Shelley Rossell!

We catch up a bit, and get into the meat of the episode – TV Shows that are getting a re-boot or revamp.  Also, shows we’d like to see redone that aren’t being redone.

As always, stick to the end of the episode for your curtain pullback moment!!

Josh – @303_Ninja

Francis – @akatheotherguy

Shelley – @ShelleyAnn72

The POI Podcast….Podcast Ep. 004

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

In this weeks episode, We chat about the ever aggravating Work/Life balance.  Or should it be the Life/Work balance?!

We also catch up on recent things I found interesting, like EA’s recent mishap with gamers,  a couple Conventions and totally forgetting out Voice Mail number!

Josh Hawkes 

Francis Fernandez