Heroes And Coffee (Episode #56): The Last Stand Of Weapon X (Pt. I)!

DISCLAIMER: There were some audio issues during the latest podcast episode. Sorry, listeners. We hope you still enjoy. – Phoenix

For The Blend:

Phoenix Da Nerdette and Chris Da Inglorious talks about the latest Justice League and Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers for “The Blend.”

For Superhero 101:

On the new edition for For Superhero 101, Chris Da Inglorious Geek’s New segment, Chris offers the backstory on podcast’s main subject, Wolverine.


For The Cinematic History (Pt. I)

Both Chris and Phoenix discuss the first half of the Wolverine’s cinematic history, starring Hugh Jackman as the Canadian Berserker, from 2000’s X-Men, leading to the Last Stand of Weapon X in 2017’s Logan.

Part. II is coming soon!

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