Heroes And Coffee (Episode #55): The Cinematic History of the Ghost Rider!

We’re BACK. Sorry for the delay, folks.

Kyle Da Marvel Zombie, Phoenix Da Nerdette and Chris Da Inglorious Geek have a chat about the Logan, Deadpool 2 and The Batman news updates and more for “The Blend”. Chris Da Inglorious Geek schools the crew on Ghost Rider (The Spirit of Vengence) and its many hosts, while the crew discusses the cinematic/TV history of the character.

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #54) Infinity War vs Justice League (Pt. II): The Justice League

Phoenix Da Nerdette, Kyle Da Marvel Zombie and Chris Da Inglorious Geek offer their take on the Upcoming WB/DCEU film,  The Justice League while discussing alittle backstory on some of the comic-book story arcs that could possibly be featured in the film: 1993’s Death of Superman.

Oh, and keep a look out for KYLE offers listeners his kick-ass Bane impersonation.

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #54): Infinity War/Justice League Pt. I

On Pt. I of the Two-Part Episode, Phoenix Da Nerdette, Kyle Da Marvel Zombie and Chris Da Inglorious Geek discuss Infinity War, Logan and Batman News on the new addition of The BLEND, while Chris Da offers us noob knowledge on ‘The Infinity Gauntlet’, which will inspire the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Avengers: Infinity War.

For Superhero 101:

On the new edition for Chris Da Inglorious Geek’s New segment, Chris schools the gang on Thanos, The Gauntlet, and the infinity Gems.


Heroes And Coffee (Episode #53): The King of Wakanda!

For The Blend:

Da Nerdette, Kyle The Marvel Zombie and Gabby Da Spokhette Discuss the trailers for both Logan and Power Rangers Movie, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad apology, the 9th Anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death (January 22, 2008), and Black Panther set pictures, and how excited they are about the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

For Superhero 101:

On the first edition for Gabby Da Spokette’s New segment, Gabby schooling the gang on the King of Wakanda, himself.

Guys On Comics Audio Panel: Featuring Shawn Pryor and Jermaine Dickerson!

Phoenix Da Nerdettes and Audio-Only panel with special guests Shawn Pryor (Co-Creator/Co-writer for Cash And Carrie and The Force) and BlkBoard Podcast Co-Host and Detroit Based Digital Arts Designer and Illustrator Jermaine Dickerson to talk about Diversity and Representation in Comic-Books, Movies and Pop-Culture.



Heroes And Coffee: Interview w/ Jeremy Whitley (Writer for Marvel NOW’s Unstoppable Wasp #1)

Listen to Phoenix Da Nerdette’s one-on-one interview with the writer behind this amazing, new heroine, Jeremy Whitley.

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 is a BRAND NEW COMICS series featuring a Happy-Go-Lucky Girl in a BIG WORLD!

After 16 years of isolation in the infamous Red Room, the young and ambitious Nadia Pym escapes her imprisonment, and sets her sights to exploring the world, leading her to  Adventures in the U.S. In spite of her past, the young genius and scientist (who like her famous Father, Hank Pym), aspires to become a Hero. Relentless, Nadia is determined to set her mark on the world, while becoming the true meaning of “UNSTOPPABLE”.

Heroes And Coffee’s Winter Solstice 2016 Special (Part. II)!

On Part. II of H&C’s Winter Solstice Special, Phoenix Da Nerdette and Kyle The Marvel Zombie discuss Christmas Movies, which of 2016 Comic-Book Movies will be lucky enough to get any nominations from the 2017 Academy Awards, their most anticipated movies of 2017, and what they are both looking forward to (and not looking forward to) in the next coming year.

Heroes And Coffee’s Winter Solstice 2016 Special (Part. I)!

Da Nerdette and Kyle Da Marvel Zombie celebrate their 1st Annual Winter Solstice episode with talks the news regarding Carrie Fisher’s health, Max Landis’s BIG FUCK UP, DCEU + Marvel News, 2017 Announcements from the crew of Heroes and Coffee podcast.

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #51): GOTG Vol. 2 Trailer, WTF Is Armie Hammer Up To, AQUAMAN + More!

Phoenix Da Nerdette and Kyle The Marvel Zombie share the thoughts on the Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer, Aquaman news, Armie Hammer’sShenanigans (possible role in the DCEU) and X-Men Blue + X-Men Gold.