The Lex Factor (Ep. #54): Let’s Talk About Toonami (Part. 1)

Lex is joined by panelist of The Lex Factor Show and hosts of The Dash Attack Show Kodi & Lexi. They join Lex as the talk about the history of Cartoon Network’s Toonami. They talk about the diffrent eras of the host of Toonami and their favorite shows that they grew up watching from their teenage days.

The Lex Factor (Ep. #53): Let’s Talk About Final Fantasy (Part. 2)

Lex and Tyler are once again joined by: Sid Riley, Michelle Espinoza, and Will Damron from Papa Kenn Media. They all return for part 2 of their Final Fantasy round table talk. They left of from Final Fantasy VI to the popular Final Fantasy VII. Also the talk about their favorite and least favorite charaters from Final Fantasy VI and FFVII.

The Lex Factor Presents: Anime Talk (Ep. #1)

Episode 1 of The Lex Factor Show Presents: Anime Talk is here! Lex is joiend by fellow anime fan Ms. Kay Fey. Come lesten as the talk about their personal animes from the 80s and 90s. They both talk about Fist of the Nort Star to Dragon Ball Z, and Ninja Scroll. Hope all you fact-oids enjoy the funtime with you loveable host and creative guest on this brand new installment of The Lex Factor Show!


Intro Song: first Rain By Kontinuum

Outro Song: Home By Konac

The Lex Factor (Ep. #52): Let’s Talk About Xenomorph

Lex & Tyler has survived the Xenomorph invasion and the are back safe and sound going back to the Lex Factor Compound. Come listen as the chat about more of the Aline Movies, Aliens Comic books, their favorite xenomorph types, and a snarkey talking xenomorph name Jeri! Thats right, a talking xenomorph name Jeri.

The Lex Factor (Ep. #51): Let’s Talk About Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lex Is joined by his panelist, and the 2 host’s of Dash Attack: Kodi & Lexi! On this new installment of The Lex Factor Show, The are talking about the loveable austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The all talk about his early days in movies, their favorite movies of him and their Guilty Pleasure movies of Arnold too. Plus you won’t believe what’s Kodi’s favorite movie starring Arnold.

The Lex Factor Presents: Lex News (Ep. #6) Netflix’s Castlevania Review

Lex & Tyler are once again back at the Lex Factor Compound and they just got done watching the Castlevania show on Netflix. On this intallment of Lex News, they are giving their review of the 4 episode anime of Castlevania, and what they think of it so far too. Also they are excited about news that Netflix has greenlighted season 2 of Castlevania!



The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #12) Explore The Worlds of Final Fantasy Pt, 1

Lex & Tyler are all set to explore the games of Final Fantasy series. And joining them on this epic quest are The Rouge: Sid Riley, The  White Mage: Michelle Espinoza, and The Black Mage: Will Damron. Come listen and join them on there journey as they talk about the Final Fantasy games to the original NES game to the SNES Final Fantasy 6 game. This is the show that you can’t miss out on. So prepare yourself and stock up on health postions and enjoy the quest!

The Lex Factor Presents: LEX Uncut (Ep. #5)

Another lazy sunday afternoon means, another installment of LEX Uncut. Lex is joind by youtuber named Tonja Treece aka Mom Plays. they both chill at the Lex Factor Compound and chat about random stuff about: Metalocolyps, games, loot crate, and Tonja’s love for Skyrim. So sit back and relax, and have a cold one and let Lex and Tonja help you all take it easy.

Intro: Ambient Beats 3 – Merlean

Outro: Harmonic Polyphonic 1 (2010s Pop Version) –  Andreas Boldt feat. Joachim Nilsson

The Lex Factor Show (Ep. #50): Let’s Talk About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pt.2

The Lex Factor Show has hit a milestone! This is episode number 50!!! Come celebrate with the Pop Culture Crew as they continue to talk about the heroes in the half shell in this new installment of The Lex Factor Show, And this time, Tyler is back to be apart of the fun with Lex and Kodi. Come listen as the chat about the Turtles Forever movie and the Bayvers TMNT movies. So grab a slice of pizza and check it out!

The Lex Factor Extreme (Ep.#1)

The revival of The Lex Factor Extreme is here, and it’s BACK!! Lex is joiend by Kandy “Kain” Foxx on episode number 1. They talk about some good NSFW topics like Porn Parodies, Pornstar Awards, and other stuff that will make you blush. So go to your bedroom, lock your door and turn on the red light as you listen to THe Lex Factor Extreme.

Intro: Funk Delight 8 – Anders Bothén

Outro: Weekday Lounge – Martin Baekkevold