The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #7) We Explore Soul Calibur

Lexy & Tyler are here talking about The Soul Calibur Series in this new installment of Gamer Corner with guest Ms. Demonia Draconis! Come listen as Lex Tlakes about the history about the days of the game that pave the way for Soul Calibur called Soul Edge. Also, they talk bout their favorite fighters that they enjoy playing as.

Cosplay Alley (Ep. #7) Interview w/ TaLynn Kel

COSPLAY ALLEY has return! Lex sits down and have a one on one talk with cosplayer TaLynn Kel on ep. #7 of Cosplay Alley. Come listen as he ask Ms.TaLynn about her humble beginnings in the cosplay world, and her very first cosplay she made, also her very first experience at the famous Dragon Con!


Our Favorite Sylvester Stallone Movies Part 1

Yo Adrian! Lexy & Tyler are here for another exciting new episode of The Lex Factor Show! Today they talk about their favorite Sylvester Stallone movies along side with special guest Kristel Yeager. This episode is so great that they had to make this a 3 parter of their favorite movies with Stallone himself and some good tid bits from Tyler about The First Blood movies too.

The Lex Factor Presents: PAX South 2017: The Aftermath

Tyler Touchdown is back from his trip to PAX South 2017 in San Antonio,Texas! Come listen as he chats with your boy Lex about his fun time at PAX South and all the wackyness he encountersd whe he was cosplaying as Rick from the hit tv show Rick and Morty. Also, Tyle played some new indy games that will hit the Steam stores soon and all the swag he got from the dealers room. And maybe next time Lex will tag along with Tyler to PAX South.

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#38): Lets Talk 90’s Cartoons You Forgot Existed

Lex & Tyler are back for episode number 38 of The Lex Factor Show, and they are discussing  (0’s Cartoons that everyone forgot about. Come listen as the talk about forgotten cartoons that they enjoy but no one eles did.

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#37): Lets Talk About ThunderCats

Lex Noil is here with a nother solo show talking about one of his favorite childhood cartoon show The Thundercats. Come listen as he gives you some tid bits about the animation and voice actors and actresses of the show, and how it became a iconic 80s pop culture cartoon.

The Lex Factor Show Special (Ep.#36): The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Lex Noil is joined by returning guest Papa Kenn Media for this brand new first special of 2017. Come listen as they talk about their thoughts about the Nintendo Switch, hear the talk about the up coming games for it and also their thoughts about the motion controller on it too.