The Lex Factor Show Special (Ep.#36): The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Lex Noil is joined by returning guest Papa Kenn Media for this brand new first special of 2017. Come listen as they talk about their thoughts about the Nintendo Switch, hear the talk about the up coming games for it and also their thoughts about the motion controller on it too.

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #4)

Lex and Tyler are back on the brand new episode of Gamer Corner! It’s the new episode of 2017 and they talk about: Favorite Game Music, Pet Peeves in Games and also, they talk about Why game developers realese games that are not the same as they shown on E3.

Lex Factor Show’s Lex News #4

Lex Noil brings back Lex News ep. #4! And this time his co-host Tyler Touchdown is along for the ride! Come listen as the get stuff off their chest about #WTFU going around youtube, youtubers taking this out of proportion. And their thoughts about the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer.

Note: Sorry, I i though i did episode 2 awhile back but it turns out i stoped at episode #3 of Lex News.

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #3)

Lex Noil and Tyler Touchdown are back once again of episode 3 of Gamer Corner! On this episode, they are joined by Sid Riley and Monica, come listen as they talk about the why some game developers push out broken games, and their favorite PS1 and PS2 games that never gets old to them.

Lex Factor Show (Episode. #36): Hop On Bored The SSV Normandy (Featuring Kodi & Lexi)

A brand new special of The Lex Factor Show is here! Lex Noil is joind by Kodi & Lexi as they talk about the Mass Effect Trilogy leading up to the new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer. This is one podcast special that you dont want to miss!

The Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley (Ep. #6) Interview w/ Rebekah Cochran of (Pyro’s Cosplay)

Episode 6 of Cosplay Alley is here!!! Lex Noil is joined by Rebekah Cochran of Pyro’s Cosplay. Come listen as he asl her about her first experience in the cosplay world and her first time at a anime con!