Lex Factor Show (Episode. #36): Hop On Bored The SSV Normandy (Featuring Kodi & Lexi)

A brand new special of The Lex Factor Show is here! Lex Noil is joind by Kodi & Lexi as they talk about the Mass Effect Trilogy leading up to the new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer. This is one podcast special that you dont want to miss!

The Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley (Ep. #6) Interview w/ Rebekah Cochran of (Pyro’s Cosplay)

Episode 6 of Cosplay Alley is here!!! Lex Noil is joined by Rebekah Cochran of Pyro’s Cosplay. Come listen as he asl her about her first experience in the cosplay world and her first time at a anime con!


The Lex Factor Show (Ep. #35): Who’s The Better Dredd

Lex Noil and co-host Tyler Touchdown have a real good talk about who was the better actor to play Judge Joseph Dredd. Was it Sylvester Stallone or Karl Urban. Also, Tyler gives us some cool facts about the Judge Dredd comics too.

The Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley (Episode 4) Interview w/ Dewayne Ingram (Digital Edge Cosplay)

COSPLAY ALLEY IS BACK WITH EPISODE 4! Lex Noil sits down with cosplayer Dewayne Ingram of Digital Edge Cosplay. Come listen as they chat about Dewayne’s humble beginnings in the cosplay world.