The Points Of Interest Podcast….Podcast S1E05

Welcome to Season 1 Finale of The POI Podcast….Podcast

Francis and I go way off topic and down the relationship road – As we discuss the ups and downs of the Holiday Season, and all that comes with it. 

We talk about the recent changes to Social Media, and how we used to use it, and how we use it now

We’ll be back in January 2018 for Season 2

The POI Podcast….Podcast Episode 003

The POI Podcast….Podcast

In this Episode, Francis and I have our good Friend Jeff Burns, from Super Geeked Up fame, to come chat about Birthdays, The Dragon Con Experience, Meeting your Heroes/Celeberties 

Twitter: @supergeekedup
Facebook: Super Geeked Up Live
Instagram: SuperGeekedUpLive 


The POI Podcast….Podcast Episode 002

The POI Podcast….Podcast

In this episode, Francis and I chat about Technology – From Eclipse Glasses to Pager and Beyond

What was some of the first pieces of tech we remember using as kids.  Mix Tapes, Electricity, Frustrations with tech and how much it has advanced in our years of using it. 


The POI Podcast….Podcast Episode 001

The POI Podcast….Podcast

Welcome to the Offical First Episode of The POI Podcast….Podcast

In this Episode, we invited Dan, from the No Ordinary Nerd and When a Nerd Starts Over Podcasts to chat with Francis and I in a conversation about old technology and Oppurtunities!


The POI Podcast….Podcast Episode 000

Welcome to The POI Podcast….Podcast!

Your Host is Josh Hawkes – Co-Host is Francis Fernandez

In Episode 000 of the POI Podcast….Podcast, Frandcis ‘The Other Guy’ Fernandez and Myself catch up and feel out the new show, with topics including – E3, Conventions, Crazy People and Weapons at said Conventions, CosPlay, Selfless Plugs,