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Heroes And Coffee (Episode #64) The Cinematic History of the Spider-Man!

Host Chris Da Inglorious discuss the Cinematic History of “Your Friendly Neighborhood”, Spider-Man, from the Sam Raimi saga, to the MCU’s newest incarnation of the wall-crawler!


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The Jedi Ras is joined by Bachman and The Other Guy to discuss the reveal of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whitakker, Spider-Man : Homecoming, and all the Star Wars : The Last Jedi and Avengers : Infinity War news to come out of D23.


Drunk on Comics Podcast 269: We saw Spider-Man: Homecoming Before Y’all

So as the title of this episode says, Josh, Linz and Tony all were invited to see the sneak preview of Spider-Man: Homecoming.   And while they had a lot to say, Josh decided he wanted to be Spider-lame and sit this one out.   While Linz and Tony tried to not give away too much of what they say, the beginning 15 minutes has them discussion a bit about the movie.  So there is your spoiler warning.

Off the Shelf, Tony briefly talked about what Marvel is doing right with Secret Empire #5.    While there is some of the same tropes being used with the dead coming back, the over all story is one of the better “events” they have done in a while.   He also was sad to hear that The Flintstones comic has ended.    He went over some of the themes portrayed in the series, and why it is one of the best comics in recent memory.    Linz also reviewed an ending to a series with Jem and the Holograms #26.   The characters will live on in other series, but the main one ended a few months ago and Linz wanted to share her joy and sadness over it.

The duo also talked about some thoughts from some directors.   The new Hellboy movie is going to be darker and rated R.  The Power Rangers hasn’t had the greatest box office return, and the director of that thinks it is because it was not pg. (Linz and Tony think it would have been way worse if it was)

Booze and a Book was Jem and the Holograms #26 and a Strawberry Short’s Cake from Shorts brewing.



Welcome to the POI Podcast Family! No Ordinary Nerd!

Hello Everyone, Francis aka The Other Guy here, happy to make an announcement. I’ve been getting to know a group of podcasters that feel like the perfect fit for our network, called No Ordinary Nerd. Here’s a little bit of what they’re about:

No Ordinary Nerd is a show about branching out in geek culture and trying new things. Our hosts challenge each other each week to try different things in nerd culture and discuss the content. Each one of our Co – Hosts has been affected by anxiety, depression, and personal traumas. This is our way of reaching out to find connections that help us learn together, grow together and heal together. Try alongside them and you too can become a No Ordinary Nerd!

Check them out today at: http://angstynerd.com/podcast-2/

The Lex Factor (Ep. #43): Movies That Today’s Hollywood Won’t Touch

Once again, Lex & Tyler are joined by Elizabeth Scroxton, as the talk about movies that holloywood today won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Moveis Like Blazing Saddles, Full Metal Jacket, and history of the World pt.1 for example. Cus some of the scenes would start an uproar in this day an age.



Heroes And Coffee (Episode #54) Infinity War vs Justice League Pts. 1 and 2

On Pt. I of the Two-Part Episode, Phoenix Da Nerdette, Kyle Da Marvel Zombie and Chris Da Inglorious Geek discuss Infinity War, FX’s New show Legion, The Lego Batman Movieand Batman News on the new addition of The BLEND, while Chris Da offers us noob knowledge on ‘The Infinity Gauntlet‘, which will inspire the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Avengers: Infinity War.

For Superhero 101:
On the new edition for The BLEND, Chris Da Inglorious Geek’s New segment, Chris schools the gang on Thanos, The Gauntlet, and the infinity Gems.



Phoenix Da Nerdette, Kyle Da Marvel Zombie and Chris Da Inglorious Geek offer their take on the Upcoming WB/DCEU film,  The Justice League while discussing alittle backstory on some of the comic-book story arcs that could possibly be featured in the film: 1993’s Death of Superman.

Oh, and keep a look out for KYLE offers listeners his kick-ass Bane impersonation.