Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada since 2012!

  • Saying Goodbye to Chris Cornell
    This week, we mourn the loss of Rock legend, Chris Cornell. Chris passed suddenly last week and we wanted to pay tribute to one of the Godfathers of the Seattle grunge scene. Thank you Chris.... Read more »
  • Bonus Podcast: Eric Stolhanske(SuperTroopers)
    Live from Nickel City Comic Con, Dan is solo! Amazing isn't it? Did all this without supervision. Not only did he go alone, he manned all stations and got interviews! Dan sits down with Broken Lizard and Supertroopers Star, Eric Stolhanske. They discuss drinking maple syrup, the original Supertroopers film... Read more »
  • It's Time To Fight - The Eternal Sadness
    Matthew is alone this week, by no fault of his own. Turns out there are not near as many "Mama's Boys" in wrestling as he thought. So, Matthew recaps his weekend, promotes what is upcoming and talks about his own mother a little bit. WARNING: IT ENDS... Read more »
  • The Fate of the Disney Rocket Skates
    For the first time in close to 2 months we return to the studio! Dan returns from Disneyland and A.J & Todd come back from watching the Fate of the Furious. They discuss Dan's time in Disneyland, Fate of the Furious, upcoming Comic Con appearances and what if Jason Statham... Read more »
  • Bonus Podcast - Corin Nemec(Parker Lewis Can't Lose)
    The second video from the CkExpo! Dan talks to Parker Lewis Can't Lose Star Corin Nemec, Olivia Hack from the Brady Bunch and yes, he talked to Sean Rogerson From SuperNatural, in The Legion of Cosplay jail.... Read more »
  • Bonus Podcast - It's Hard Knock Life at CkExpo
    The Con Stranger heads to Ck Expo! He hangs out with The Evil Dr. Stevil, Mz Hyde Cosplay, Messiah Complex Cosplay, Acid Rain Cosplay, Legion of Doom Cosplay, and interviews Captain Foley from TrekYards.com!... Read more »
  • It's Time To Fight - "All Ego" Ethan Page
    More ego then we know what to do with. First and foremost, "All Ego" Ethan Page is on the show this week. On top of that, Matthew pops a bit of an ego of his own when someone asks him to ring announce for something less than he... Read more »
  • Live from CKExpo - Rochelle Davis(The Crow)
    Our first of many podcasts we completed at CK Expo on April 29th! Todd sits down with the beautiful Rochelle Davis. They discuss what is like playing Sarah, Brandon Lee, how much of a teddy bear Tony Todd is(but he still scares me), the positive message from the film and... Read more »
  • It's Time To Fight: Alpha Male Kobe Durst
    Matthew has broken his Con/Expo cherry. He spent this past Saturday talking with some Classic Championship Wrestling competitors and personalities and keeping the peace with Todd Shaw and Dr. Stevil. Matthew also talks to current Alpha Male Kobe Durst (that's relevant). We want to thank CKExpo for having us... Read more »
  • Episode 100 again - MountainMan of the Galaxy
    Episode 100, again! To celebrate The Mountain Man's arrival to Droids Canada and the upcoming release of GOTG2, we relaunch the inaugural episode of when the Mountain Man joined Droids Canada! They discuss the success of Guardians of the Galaxy while trying to ridiculous with everything they discuss!... Read more »



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