Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada since 2012!

  • Stormborn and SDCC Trailers
    Still no movement on the GoT Deadpool, but we are sure there that Daryl Dixon will get put down in the study with the candlestick.. Wait.. A boardgame and a different genre? Why Not! We discuss GoT S07E02, "StormBorn," people complaining about Dunkirk and review some of the trailers from... Read more »
  • Bonus Podcast: Live from CKExpo, it's ComicBook Syndicate!
    We snuck in another bonus podcast for you! This pod is actually an interview did with the popular ComicBook Syndicate! We discuss pop culture, Comicbook Syndicon, podcasting and more! Also our very own Negan tries to come take half of Dan;s stuff! Also, the very talented Alfonso Espinso from StudioComix... Read more »
  • It's Time To Fight - "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea
    Jason Angle ... Jordan ... may not be as bad as people think. If they listen to Matthew that is. Also, we play Head v. Heart and we talk to "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea about MMA v. Pro Wrestling.... Read more »
  • It's Time To Fight - The Lost Episode
    Sooo ... maybe Todd is not the only one doing lines of crack. Matthew has been MIA for a couple weeks, but he's back now. CELEBRATE!! Matthew rambles on about 205 LIVE, Austin Aries, Paige and Patron and other little tid-bits. ‚Äč... Read more »
  • The Sonic Dragonstone
    Game Of Thrones has finally premiered! Dan and Todd sit down and review the first episode, DragonmStone. They attempt to review it but also discuss The Doctor Who is now a female drama, the passing of George Romero, the passing of Martin Landeau and Water Boy references?... Read more »
  • Great Balls Of Spiderman
    Snuck in another Podcast before the return of HBO's Game Of Thrones and our weekly recap show that starts next Monday! However, since Dan managed to not appear to either SpiderMan HomeComing or the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV, we decided to make him work for it. Dan needs... Read more »
  • The Game Of Thrones Deadpool!
    Droids Canada Game of Thrones Deadpool! We are setting up our very own Deadpool for Season 7! No purchase required to play. All you need to do is play for a chance to win an epic prize! Free and an epic prize? Why not! How to play: We have Drafted 30 people that... Read more »
  • Remember when WWE was PG?
    Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July(1 day early anyways)! We hope that you are all having a fun and safe holiday weekend! Dan and Todd sneak in the podcast studio and record a very interesting podcast. They discuss what it is like to be Canadian, parenting skills, the... Read more »
  • Game of Phone Scams
    Phone scams are so annoying. But, some guy decided to make that poor decision to try. A.j, Todd, and Dan discuss horrible phone scams because of a recent scam tried on Todd. They also discuss the new Game Of Thrones trailer, and they announce the Game of Thrones Deadpool that... Read more »
  • It's Time to Fight - Ryan Swift
    So ... Matthew has a very special episode for his brethren today. He talks to Ryan Swift in another Road Work session. They don't really talk wrestling so much, but they still talk about something you should listen to.... Read more »



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