No Ordinary Nerd

No Ordinary Nerd is a show about branching out in geek culture and trying new things. Our hosts challenge each other each week to try different things in nerd culture and discuss the content. Each one of our Co – Hosts has been affected by anxiety, depression, and personal traumas. This is our way of reaching out to find connections that help us learn together, grow together and heal together. Try alongside them and you too can become a No Ordinary Nerd!

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  • No Ordinary Adult Cartoons
    Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, Futurama and The Simpsons all battle it out with the nerds in this all new episode all about the adult cartoons. It's Battle Royale and only the strongest adult cartoon can survive! Which one packs the greatest punch and takes home the award for best adult... Read more »
  • No Ordinary TV Dads
    Happy Father's Day to all the No Ordinary Dads out there! To celebrate the nerds break down their favorite dads from television. ... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Stardew Valley
    Radishes, ferns, and overalls oh my! That's right No Ordinary Nerd is packing up and moving this podcast to the country life. We are talking all things Stardew Valley. The widely popular video game that is not only a place you can get rejected when asking someone to dance but you... Read more »
  • No Ordinary S-Town
    The S-Town podcast is certainly no ordinary town with no ordinary characters. Who better to cover this than the No Ordinary Nerds! Brought to you by the infamous Serial and This American Life Brian Reed and team brings a podcast that grabs you from the very beginning. Murder, suicide and the... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Wondercon
    The Nerds took their first trip to a major convention...WONDERCON. Join them as they discuss the goods and bads of convention going, the joys of emptying their wallets for comic goods and the wonders (pun intended) of seeing cosplay. ... Read more »
  • No Ordinary 13 Reasons Why
    It's the show that countless people are talking about. Suicide, drugs, and rape are just a few of the hard hitting topics that 13 Reasons Why tackles and the No Ordinary Nerd crew is ready to discuss them. Join them with their special guest Jake as we bring light to these... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Girl Gaming
    That's right we are talking all things female in the gaming community. The stigma surrounding female gamers, professional gamers, and their pay differences. Dive deep into the hardships our female co-hosts have faced and learn more about badass female characters that exist in the gaming world. ... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Walking Dead
    Sad about The Walking Dead ending? Don't be! Reminisce the midseason premiere with No Ordinary Nerd! We've got you covered on all fronts of the show! The nerds cover the episode, "Rock In The Road" with Danielle heading up this episode. If you're a long time fan or just starting... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Oscars Special
    This is the biggest day of the year for films...and Danielle. The nerds are here to cover everything Oscar worthy and that surprise twist at the end of the show. (You all know what we're talking about.)... Read more »
  • No Ordinary Santa Clarita Diet
    Drew Barrymore has a new episodic show on Netflix and the nerds are all over it, just like her vomit. (In the show of course). Dan leads the pack with the nerds discussing everything you need to know about the zombie suburban lifestyle. Should this show be renewed? What should... Read more »

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