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Host Aaron Broverman interviews Toronto’s comicbook luminaries.


  • Speech Bubble: Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas lucked out. Just as his indie comic Post-Human (kind of Inspector Gadget meets film noir) was disintegrating because of creative differences with the writer, the Northern Ontario Comicon in Timmins, Ontario contacted him about developing an ongoing superhero series featuring its mascot – an anthropomorphic lion in medieval... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Valentine De Landro
    As the co-creator of Bitch Planet, comic artist Valentine De Landro gets to explore intersectional feminism and build a world representing all kinds of women of all kinds of races, minorities and body types, a far cry from his days as an African-Canadian comic fan when he didn’t often... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Sarafin
    Sarafin is the writer and artist behind the independent webcomic and graphic novel series Asylum Squad. The fictional story is very loosely inspired by Sarafin’s own experiences during a year an in-patient facility where she was receiving treatment for mental illness and follows four teenage patients drafted into an experimental... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Paul Soles
    We all remember the original 1967 Spider-Man cartoon (you know the one with the catchy theme song) but did you know that all the dialogue for the series was recorded in Toronto and Paul Soles, the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, is not only still around, but still acting at 86-years-young... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Nicholas Brown and Evan Henderson
    As regular listeners to this podcast will know, it’s no secret that our host is a huge Sandman fan and works in a Sandman reference in almost every episode. So when he heard Nicholas Brown and Evan Henderson were making a 35-minute fan film adapting Sandman #6: “24 Hours” called... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Nug Nahrgang
    Nug Nahrgang’s success as an award-winning sketch comedian and improviser seems like a series of stumbled upon happenstances. First, Nug accidentally got himself hired at Second City, then he somehow scored an audition for Saturday Night Live! He scored memorable bit parts in The Love Guru with Mike Meyers and... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Rebecca Diem
    Rebecca Diem is a co-organizer of Comic Shop Ladies Night, a pop-up after hours social just for the ladies, held at a rotating list of comic shops across Toronto. She’s also the author of a series of popular, self-published steampunk adventure novellas titled Tales of Captain Duke. After running through... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Stephany Lein
    As Wonder Woman hits theaters this week, we present a woman who champions and embodies many of her best qualities as a great admirer of the character. Stephany Lein grew up as a child whose circumstances forced her to be almost completely self-sufficient, independent and strong in the face of... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: J Torres
    Even though he’s written horror comics and Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight, J. Torres is known best for all ages Comics like Batman: Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans Go! and his current project The Mighty Zodiac. He has also written many Degrassi comics so he has more than... Read more »
  • Speech Bubble: Ally Rom Colthoff
    Ally comes to Speech Bubble while her Kickstarter for volume 3 of her long-running webcomic Chirault is in full swing. Chirault is a high fantasy adventure akin to comic book fantasy classics like Elfquest and Bone. The comic stars Teeko, a girl hit with a wayward shrinking spell who enlists... Read more »

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